Closure & Alignment

Friday, January 01, 2021

It’s 2021. Yes! Finally! What a relief~ 

Yesterday felt a lot like closure. On December 31, 2020, the wind was ranging mad in this part of the world. Even as the sun rose to the zenith, the pieces of clothing that hung on the clothesline were swinging almost violently. As if trying to free themselves. It was like that the whole day. My mother-in-law’s potted plants even looked as if they’re trembling against the strong blows of the wind. Standing firm on their individual spots, they felt and endured 2020’s desperate waves of goodbye. The memorable year that seemed to feel afraid of saying goodbye and being forgotten.

As the hand of the clock approached 12:00 AM of  the New Year, the wind mellowed down and softened. It may be just my love for romanticizing things and making particular experiences seem poetic but it really felt that way. The noise around the neighborhood clamoring for the arrival of 2021 didn’t distract me from noticing that. I hoped it was an indication that 2021 will be a lot kinder.

I spent the first few hours of this year drinking and having nice conversations with good company. I didn’t get wasted, just a little tipsy. I woke up feeling light considering how i drunk and stayed up until 6:00 AM. I ate some of the leftovers from last night’s feast and browsed through some ebooks i found interesting. Noticing that it was only 3:00 PM, i decided to go for a run at 4:00 PM. What followed after were precious moments with family that happened on a whim and didn’t go through my usual ritual of overthinking before doing.

Through all the lows, the lack of, the circumstances that seem insurmountable, may we find the highs, the complement, and the little opportunities to still be hopeful.

I’m praying today sets the mood for 2021. Imperfect but still perfect on its own way. 

On the first day of the New Year, i’m hopeful enough and i believe that’s already a good start.

Photo by Kenrick Mills on Unsplash

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  1. Happiest new year, Karen! I hope that this year proves to be fruitful and kind. Love you!