Waking Up in My Dreams

Friday, May 22, 2020

Today, I want to write about a memory that is yet to exist, images that are manifested sometime in the near future.

I imagine the white plump sheets that cover me. The cold weather radiates but under this soft layer, I am kept warm. Hot even, thanks to the sturdy arms that hold me close. Slowly, I blink my eyes, open then close, then open again. Matching my breath. Waking myself up. Taking in everything that surrounds me. Making every bit my reality.

I press my body deeper into his arms, remembering how much I longed for mornings like this. I listen to his heartbeat as I breathe in his scent, sensing how real this morning is. I open up my heart to feelings of happiness, gratefulness, and relief that finally, we’re here. Together.

I tilt my head up and gently brushed my lips on his stubbled chin, then gradually inched up to level my face to his. Staring at his face, I etch each of his features to memory. The little mole that sat just before his hairline. The strong bones on his forehead that emphasized his naturally perfect-shaped eyebrows. The deep creases that were now shallow to cover those dark brown pupils that pierce me every time. The diagonal line of his nose that lead to the rich kissable lips I won’t ever get tired of. I sneak a peck and ease myself out of his embrace.

As I turn my body towards the edge of the bed, I am once again captured. His arms pulled me tightly and closely until I can feel his breaths on the back of my ear. I hear him grumble and smack his lips like a kid still in dreamland. He wanted to sleep beside me some more. He wanted us to stay like this a bit longer.

Now facing the window, I see the cold morning light softly seeping through the blinds. It’s probably half past five. I started to think about how I should reschedule the rest of the morning and then stopped myself. I’ll just count this one as meditation. Focus only on what's present. Feel the pureness and happiness of such a sweet morning.

I lift his arm and flip myself around to face him again. Breathing in. Breathing out. I dive my ear down to his chest in search of heartbeats. Breathing in. Breathing out. Until our breaths and heartbeats match.



(to self and to anyone who cares)

I haven’t written creatively for so long.
I’m not even sure if this one counts but…
this is me dreaming in written form.

I felt like I was meditating as I wrote this.
Like I was focusing on the reality I wanted to be in.

TY for reading! 

Photo by Becca Schultz on Unsplash

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